A Message From DR. Lee:

I first developed an interest in dentistry because it’s a mix between art and science. In fact, Dentistry allows for some artistic leeway in improving/rebuilding a person’s smile. While working with a patient, the biggest challenge is imagining everything in 3d reversed in a mirror. I visualize/see a healthy version of a patient’s teeth as I work on them. I understand the fear and anxiety of having bad/imperfect teeth and want to work with patients to reduce these fears. I will carefully and meticulously work to guarantee I am as painless as possible. After addressing immediate problems, my ultimate goal is to restore the teeth to a healthy bite. As I improve your smile step by step, I want patients to be open with me as well. I won’t judge. Genuinely, I just want patients to small changes that add up over time. In the end, I just want people to sit in the dentist’s chair and for me to say, “Everything looks great.”

A healthy bite has numerous benefits other than looking straight and beautiful. Patients are less likely to develop oral cancer with a proper diet and oral hygiene. I want patients to understand that getting to best smile requires a holistic approach. Treating patients as whole people and not just a set of teeth, I worry if people aren’t getting a good night’s rest: which is why I’m on a crusade to stop sleep apnea one oral appliance at a time. True, we also want to improve your oral hygiene along with your smile, but we don’t want to traumatize you with scare tactics and disproving stares in the process. With kids of my own, I try not to be the painful dentist that my own kids would be afraid of. (My kids are scared of me for other reasons). As patients start seeing a better smile, we want people to become motivated and develop healthy habits. Cleaning your teeth is easier with straight teeth. I want patients to consider all the aspects the affect their smile. With healthy habits as your gums no longer bleed, as you brush better, and floss correct, cosmetic treatments such as whitening become more effective and last longer.

If patients understand that a smile is more than just white straight teeth, developing and maintaining healthy habits will eventually lead to patients towards smiling more often. That’s my real goal, when you feel comfortable, knowing you have a healthy smile, you smile more often and no longer feel embarrassed. Every patient has unique needs, and as I improve their teeth, I hope to bring out their unique smile.

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